Food Sensitivity & Gems DNA Testing

Cutting edge technology developed from the Human Genome Project. Scientifically analyzes 200+ foods and your genetics related to crucial bodily functions, such as controlling DNA, inflammation, immune function, detoxification, and mood balancing.  

Who Should be Tested?

Your genetics, biochemistry, and health history tell a story you can use to optimize your physiology and improve your health. Everyone benefits from this test!  Everyone’s body processes food differently. This test is foundational for anyone seeking to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle. Know what foods to eat in abundance, moderation, and what food to avoid, based on your unique metabolism, subclinical food allergies, and genetics.  

Food Sensitivity is Personal

Foods that appear to be “healthy” may be detrimental for you. Raspberries, for example, are high in histamine. If you have a double SNP on the DAO gene, your body may be unable to properly break down histamine which can lead to migraines, insomnia, and other health problems if you consume raspberries!

Some foods you're eating right now - those you think are healthy for you - may actually be causing inflammation or harm to the way your genes express themselves. Stop the guesswork. Get your personalized report on how to eat for your genetics and food sensitivities and maximize your chance to achieve great health. Learn to avoid foods detrimental to your health.


  • Identifies what you should eat based on your genetics and your inflammatory response to food
  • Defines precisely what nutraceuticals you need based on your methylation, genetics and health history 
  • It tells you how strictly you need to follow the diet advice based on your current health status and history

Physician Consult to Explain Results

A Prestige physician fellowship trained in Age Management and Regenerative medicine will review your results and help you build a nutrition/supplement plan specific to your unique food sensitivities and genetics. 

Affordable Prices

Prestige and Wellgate Members receive $35 discount off physician consult.


to explain results and build a peresonal nutritional strategy